Cardinals owner accused of cheating, discrimination, harassment and gross misconduct by former team VP

As the NFL offseason is underway and teams are getting ready for the 2023 NFL Draft in Kansas Citythe team that owns the third overall selections is under the scope after their owner was accused of gross misconduct, including cheating, harassment and discrimination among other stuff by a former executive, ESPN reports.

Terry McDonoughwho’s a former Arizona Cardinals executive, filed an arbitration proceeding with NFL’s Commissioner Roger Goodellcontending that the owner, Michael Bidwillinstructed him and then head coach Steve Wilkesto communicate with the team’s former general manager, Steve Keimthrough burner phones while he was serving a five-week suspension for extreme DUI in 2018.

“In response to McDonough’s objection to the illicit burner phone scheme, Bidwill cursed at, berated, and formally reprimanded McDonough, and ultimately demoted him – irrevocably damaging the trajectory of McDonough’s 34-year career in the National Football League,” the arbitration filing explains.

“Bidwill also subjected McDonough to bullying, mocking, harassing and abusive behavior.”

McDonough also expressed that there’s proof of Michael Bidwill intercepting the results and cancelling an employee engagement survey with all the organizations employees, after the executive was conducting it in 2019.

He also claims that the owner made two pregnant women cry after he screamed at them in a clear display of abusive and bullying mistreatment.

Arizona Cardinals adviser says the accusations are ‘wildly false’

Jim McCarthyan external public relations adviser for the Arizona Cardinalstold ESPN that they’re reluctantly obliged to provide a public response and some context for the irresponsible and disappointing allegations made by Terry McDonoughaccusing him of wanting money.

“Claims he has made in an arbitration filing are wildly false, reckless, and an opportunistic ploy for financial gain.”


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