BOTH, 5 Athlete Scandals Shame the World of Badminton! There are Indecent Photos

BOTH, 5 Athlete Scandals Shame the World of Badminton! There are Indecent Photos

SUMEKS.CO – Badminton is one of the sports with the biggest fans in the world. Nevertheless, badminton is not free from scandals and controversies.

Scandals in the world of badminton often occur in the athletes themselves, but these controversial incidents still attract world attention. There are five scandals that occurred in badminton athletes. What are they? Please refer to the following discussion.

1. Kento Momota

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This Japanese men’s singles athlete had an unpleasant scandal because Kento reportedly accepted female athletes into his dorm room in 2018.

It was revealed that the athlete was her compatriot, Yuki Fukushima. The Japanese women’s doubles athlete was caught in Kento’s room.

The scandal occurred when the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA) conducted random doping tests on athletes. When he was about to test Yuki Fukushima, he was not in the dorm room.

It is known that Yuki came out of Kento’s room after checking the CCTV footage.

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Not only that, Kento was involved in a gambling scandal in 2006. He did this with his partner, Kenichi Tago.

Because of this, Kento received a ban from competing until the end of 2017. With this ban, Kento was forced to be absent from the 2016 Olympics, Brazil.

2. Lin Dan

The athlete who has won the Olympics twice and won the ALL England six times has not been spared from the cheating scandal.

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