BM ON LBA/ The report cards: Campogrande and Bossi condemn Verona to A2 – by Alessandro di Bari

The salvation dream of Tezenis Verona ends a day early. In Trieste it ends 85 to 77 in favor of the hosts.

The guests improve their shooting percentages in the second half, after a disastrous first half, finishing with 42.9% from 2 (18/42) and 37% from 3 (9/24). Legovich’s men, on the other hand, stay a little higher: 54% from inside the 3-point line (18/33) and 52% from beyond the arc (10/19). In terms of rebounds, the two teams are practically equal: 36 hosts and 34 guests, while in assists Trieste excels with 16 and Verona follows with 12.



BOSSI: 8 – His endgame is full of character, together with Campogrande he scores baskets of enormous specific weight. He closes with

DEANGELI: 6 – It helps in defense but it’s not his game, he closes with 0 points.

CAMPOGRANDE: 8 – Play a good game, then lights up in the last quarter and becomes unstoppable. 15 points, 5 rebounds and 4 of 7 from 3.



SPENCER: 5.5 – A few minutes on the pitch for him, 2 free throws scored and little more.


RUZZIER: 7 – He repeatedly sneaks between the Veronese defenders bringing 10 points to the cause, but he doesn’t find himself prepared when Tezenis comes up with blows.

BARTLEY: 6.5 – Inaccurate shooting and author of a bloody turnover in the last quarter, which he however manages to make up for with a triple from the corner.

LEVER: 7 – Starts the game very well then suffers the return of Verona.

TERRY: 7.5 – Dominant on rebounds, collects 11, and in the paint where he doesn’t miss a single shot (6/6)


CAPPELLETTI: 6.5 – He tries, but the team responds present in flashes and too late.

LANGEVINE: 5 – 12 minutes on parquet and not a big contribution.


ANDERSON: 4.5 – Cue the most important match of the season, many responsibilities are certainly his.

SANDERS: 5 – Usual good defense, but something more was needed on an evening like this.

SIMON: 5.5 – He wakes up in the second half and closes with 9 points

CASARIN: 5 – He too gives a few flashes in the second fraction, but only finds the basket when the clock is stopped.

JOHNSON: 6 – He doesn’t go far from double-doubles, 10 points and 7 rebounds.

DAVIS: 6.5 – Lights up in the third quarter and miraculously brings the team back into the game. Closes with 21 points.




In the photo Bossi (Ciamillo Castoria)

Alexander of Bari

2023-04-30 18:55:11
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