Afreeca TV, cooperation with Hoengseong-gun to promote and promote local sports

Afreeca TV cooperates with Hoengseong-gun, which is working hard to foster sports for everyday life, to revitalize and promote local sports.

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Afreeca TV announced on the 11th that it had signed a business agreement (MOU) with Hoengseong-gun and Hoengseong-gun Sports Association in Gangwon-do to ‘revitalize the Hoengseong-gun brand through sports contents’. The agreement ceremony held at the Hoengseong-gun office was attended by Lee Min-won, head of the social media business division of Afreeca TV, Kim Myung-gi, Hoengseong-gun governor, and Park Myung-seo, president of the Hoengseong-gun Sports Association.

Through this agreement, Afreeca TV and Hoengseong-gun plan to produce high-quality broadcasting content for various sports events hosted by Hoengseong-gun and Hoengseong-gun Sports Association. In addition, Afreeca TV BJs (single media presenters) will promote Hoengseong’s tourist attractions and special products through live streaming content.

Afreeca TV and Hoengseong-gun co-plan the contents of the existing Hoengseong local sports event, and online publicity effects are expected as well as revitalization of the Hoengseong-gun brand through sports marketing.

Afreeca TV is a media platform optimized for amateur sports and lifestyle sports contents. The ‘Scoreboard’ function that allows anyone to easily and free of charge broadcast baseball, soccer, volleyball, and badminton with just a mobile device, and the VOD archive service of live matches are useful for producing sports contents in Hoengseong, where various sports events are held. This is expected to rise further.

Lee Min-won, head of the department, said, “This agreement is to broadcast sports events, build video archives, and activate the Hoengseong-gun brand in cooperation with Hoengseong-gun and the Hoengseong-gun Sports Association.” I will contribute to publicity.”

Reporter Ham Bong-gyun [email protected]


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