Accident for Immobile, the car collides with a tram: the conditions

Narrow escape for Cyrus Immobile, the forward for Lazio and the Italian national team who returned to scoring (albeit from a penalty) after a two-month break, experienced moments of intense fear this morning. As reported by AGTWthe bomber of the Lazio was the protagonist of a car accident creepy.

⚪???? The dynamics of the Immobile accident

And front at full speed with a tram per Immobilewhose front part of the car was totally destroyed as a result of the impact and the explosion of the airbags. On board with the center forward, children too of the soccer player, came out unharmed from the impact.

To have the worst it seems it was the autistic of the stretch, remained on the ground after the collision. The dynamics of the accident are not yet known, but these are the Immobile’s first words released to the microphones of AGTW:

We’re fine, the tram ran on a red light. But now I don’t feel like talking and giving interviews.

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The conditions of Ciro Immobile

Meanwhile it is medical staff of SS Lazio announces that, following the road accident, Ciro Immobile suffered a distortion trauma of the spine and a compound fracture of the right XI rib. The conditions are currently good. The footballer remains under observation in the emergency medicine department directed by Professor Francesco Franceschi of the Agostino Gemelli IRCCS University Hospital in Rome.

⚫???? Another defeat for Inter, Inzaghi’s bench increasingly at risk

Another incredible disappointment, the cashed one from Inter against the Monza, with the Nerazzurri’s third consecutive home defeat. The KO was badly digested by the Inter management, who put on dock of the accused the coach, Simone Inzaghi.

The parties have long talked about what happened at San Siro. A interview went on for over an hour between the coach and the duo MarottaHelp. At the moment Inzaghi’s position is definitely at risk and the air of a divorce at the end of the season seems almost certain. To be understood, however, if the conditions exist for separating immediately. For now only the path in the Champions League seems to have saved the coach’s bench. Inzaghi’s position remains highly at risk.

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