Zlatá Ledecká revealed a piece of her privacy: Who is she dating and why does she have a hard time with men?

Ester Ledecká won the 21st triumph in the snowboard World Cup. In November, the daughter of Janek Ledecký underwent the second difficult operation in a row due to an injury from the summer when she broke her collarbone.

Ester Ledecká finished in second place in the parallel giant slalom race in Rogle on Wednesday, and a few days later she dominated the parallel slalom in Berchtesgaden and claimed her 21st triumph in the Snowboard World Cup.

“Hello everyone. It was quite a ride yesterday! After two surgeries and a one-year break, the second race, the second final and the 21st victory in the Snowboard World Cup in a discipline I haven’t competed in since 2020,” the athlete told her fans on Instagram.

“Thanks to Justin Reiter for preparing me for two different disciplines in record time after such a long break. For Tschunti (serviceman) and Jarda (physiotherapist) it was their first win in the snowboard world cup and they seemed to enjoy it equally like me. We’re getting into it again. I’m looking forward to jumping on the skis,” added Ledecká, who has a lot of hard work and long hours of rehabilitation behind her.

Privacy is closely guarded

“I just want you to know that I’m not going to give up. And even though I’m not much into gym posts, because I look like the inflatable fish from Finding Nemo in most of the photos, that doesn’t mean I’m just waiting with my feet on the table . Every day, I devote several hours to training and physiotherapy in order to be ready for the moment when I get the green light from the doctors and go to the gates. Thank you for your support,” wrote Ester Ledecká in January on the social network, and thanks to her tremendous diligence, she will actually be back in the next few weeks she returned to racing.

While Ledecká regularly informs her fans about her sporting activities, she carefully guards her privacy. Since last year, 28-year-old tennis player Robin Staněk is to be her partner. However, they are not shown together, so the question is whether they are still a couple.

The public definitely does not know much about him, as he is not very active on social networks. Before this relationship, Ledecká had rather shorter romances. “I don’t have an easy time with guys. I’m always away and it’s not easy to see someone regularly. I only see my trainer most often and regularly,” she confided to the Expres website some time ago.

After two operations, Ester Ledecká is again winning one prize after another


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