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There is a question that has been nucleating the soccer world in the Argentine Republic for several days: When do tickets go on sale for the first friendlies of the National Team as world champion?. And the response, delayed, generates anxiety, added to the high expectations and demand that there is for wanting to be in situ when on Thursday the 23rd he faces Panama at the Monumental de Núñez stadium and on Tuesday 28 against curacao at the Mother of Cities stadium in Santiago del Estero.

A series of formal administrative issues that the AFA had to complete to make the friendlies official was the initial cause of the wait. From the permission that Panama had to submit to CONCACAF to play against two teams from different confederations on the same FIFA date – on Tuesday the 28th it will do so against Costa Rica for the League of Nations – to the signing of the mandatory contracts, several stages.

That beyond the fact that it was the president of AFA himself, Claudio Chiqui Tapiathe one who confirmed the rivals and the game days for the first friendlies of the Argentine National Team as world champion during The Best FIFA gala in Paris, there were still issues to be defined.

Aerial view of the Monumental River stadium vs Argentinos press photo river

Although, historically, tickets could be purchased through, on this occasion the AFA determined that it be done through, a platform created in 2021 specialized in high-demand shows. Pending the officialization of the values ​​-which would probably be the first step this Tuesday-, the opening of the sale would be scheduled from Thursday at 10:00.

The web portal had previously been used to purchase tickets for the match between River and Banfield for the semifinals of the Professional League Champions Trophy, on February 22 at Mario Alberto Kempes. In addition, it currently has tickets for sale for the “World Champions” exhibition organized by AFA in La Rural and which will open to the public in April.

Deportick already had the Albiceleste National Team in its events: it was last September when AFA organized the first edition of the Futsal finalwhich, in the image and likeness of soccer, brought together the champions and runners-up of America (Argentina and Paraguay) and Europe (Portugal and Spain).

For this occasion, it must be taken into account that of the little more than 83,000 seats that the Monumental stadium currently has, as always, a percentage of the tickets is divided between players, managers, sponsors and special guests which will have the first presentation of the Scaleneta with the third star embroidered on the shirt.

Argentina vs Panama tickets: when do they go on sale?

The sale of tickets to see the Argentine National Team in the Monumental against Panama will begin this Thursday, March 16, starting at 2:00 p.m.. Deportick is expected to provide more information as the hours go by.

Tickets Argentina vs Panama: how much are the tickets?

  • General: $12,000 Less than popular (up to 10 years): $7,000
  • Sivori and Centenario media: $24.000
  • San Martin and Belgrano Alta: $24.000
  • San Martin and Belgrano Baja: $48.000
  • San Martin and Belgrano Media: $49.000

Historic number of press orders

Of course, there is not only expectation based on the fans of the Argentine National Team, but also in the journalism that wants to cover this event with Lionel Messi and company. As far as he could know Clarionthe online accreditation process generated for these friendlies received a total of 131,537 orders. Yes, a Monumental and a half capacity.

After the renovation work on the River Plate stadium, the number of desks available for radio and written press rose to 247. There are also the transmission booths, which are 17, and could accommodate another considerable group of accredited people. Field positions are not contemplated there, which in the case of photographers are granted through the Association of Photojournalists of the Argentine Republic (ARGRA).

Among the requests, logically, the one from the Argentine media predominates, but also Europa is located in second place and there are some 50 from Bangladeshthe South Asian country that forged a close relationship with La Scaloneta, which was evidenced in the celebration for each of the six victories that it basted on its way to being champion in Qatar 2022.

The Scaloni sheet list

The football level of the rivals, ranked 61 and 86 in the FIFA ranking, shows that the priority of the matches will not be sports competition but to celebrate the title obtained in Qatar with the Argentine public.

Among those called up by Lionel Scaloni are the 26 footballers who were at Lusail lifting the trophy, with the stellar presence of Lionel Messi, of course, and also other players who are making their return, such as Giovani Lo Celso, who missed the tournament due to injury a few weeks before the debut against Saudi Arabia.

The biggest surprise among the 36 names – Giovanni Simeone was added to the original last Friday – is the presence of lautaro whitea 26-year-old footballer from Elche in Spain that emerged in Rosario Central, who joins as another variant in the left-back position, behind Marcos Acuña and Nicolás Tagliafico.

Among the so-called “europibes”, the boys who grew up in Europe and are highly regarded by Scaloni, appear Valentin Carboni y Alexander Garnachowho ended up on crutches on Sunday after being kicked in Manchester United’s draw against Southampton.

The renewal, slow but constant, is one of the great challenges that Scaloni will have to face at the start of this new cycle. That is why there is a group of boys who promise to have minutes for what is coming for the National Team, the 2024 Copa América, in the United States, and the 2026 World Cup, in North America.

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