What is Jaylen Brown’s ceiling? His steady rise as a scorer and an uncertain future with the Boston Celtics

the beginnings of Jaylen Brown in the Boston Celtics they were not easy. The Greens had invested their highest Draft pick in nearly 20 years and fans expected the rookie of turn that it arrived was the definitive piece. All eyes were on Kris Dunn, based at nearby Providence University and raised in New England. In short, someone from home. In contrast Brown was a freshman came from far away Californiaclearly unknown and, for many, an excessively risky bet.

To say that Jaylen had a hard time adjusting to the NBA level and to the Celtics would be an understatement.. Inconsistency was the tonic in his debut year, especially during the first three months, when the green organization came close to sending the affiliated G League team, the Maine Red Claws. Fortunately for the young rookie, he had the confidence of his coach, Brad Stevens, the locker room and management. Little by little he began to progress, starting with the most basic things, such as growing up as a shooter on his feet and contributing in transition. The defense would take several years to arrive, but the intensity increased as he gained self-confidence.

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If you don’t take responsibility, you can’t improve.. How could you if you can’t look and say, I need to do this better?”Brad Stevens analyzed in 2017 in relation to his pupil for Bleacher Report. “So that’s a great character trait for a really good player.”

“It will be key for us to become elite”, said then-Boston player Jae Crowder. “I think it can be a main part of the second unit.”

Jaylen Brown’s career with the Celtics has followed a far from easy path. From the initial doubts he went on to become a sensation, but always remaining in the shadow of the franchise player and green hope, Jayson Tatum. Shadow, which has served as an umbrella to not always have the eye of public opinion on him, but it has also deprived him of the recognition that he has often deserved. The rise of the Georgia forward has been cooked over a slow fire, with occasional explosions, moments of great brilliance, in which many have wondered what would become of him with the keys of an attack and a team.

Every challenge that has been imposed on Brown, he has more than met it. In his sophomore year he went from being a secondary to averaging 18 points in the Playoffs. After a setback in his third season, the Celtics gave him a vote of confidence of 107 million until 2024 and he responded by becoming a two-time All-Star, bordering on All-NBA even and with an average of almost 24 goals per night. since 2020. In fact, in the last 30 years is next to Paul Pierce y Jayson Tatum the only player to treasure 4 seasons in a row above 20 average points.

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A sustained growth that has led him to reach a superlative individual level in different areas, especially those related to scoring in all its forms. The elegance that he exudes in each of his gestures with the ball, as well as his records in the suspensions from the middle distance (47.3%) they talk about someone with a special relationship with the hoop.

A few months away from turning 27, Jaylen Brown is entering the most crucial part of her career. The Celtics come from staying two wins away from the long-awaited ring, they have had a season full of ups and downs and the management does not expect anything other than to fight to be champions. Meanwhile, the forward is at a key point, since at the end of this course he is eligible for an extension of his contract, whose figures are yet to be defined depending on whether he is All-NBA or not. A mixture of factors difficult to combine, because on the one hand he aspires to reach the maximum at a collective level while trying to prove that he is one of the best of his generation.

“Obviously our goal is to win the championship. That’s, I think, what everyone focuses on.”recently recognized The Ringer. “I feel like I still have many more limits to reach individually. Be better, be a better leader, be a better player, etc. For now, I’m just playing my part in the team to help us get back to where we deserve. There is nothing wrong with being part of a team and doing your job. That’s how I see it.”

“I have grown a lot” continuous. “I have learned a lot. I have experienced a lot. For now, I’m definitely making progress on the journey. I am the leader of this team. I’m one of the faces of this franchise.”

A player who is on his way to sign the tenth best campaign at the scoring level in the entire history of the Celtics, which is no small thing. Someone who ranks among the elite in transition (78th percentile) and direct block (83rd) while being able to take whatever form it takes to win. If necessary, he will become a scorer without the ball or quite the opposite, producing in a thousand different ways making use of his individual skills and technique.

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A piece of information to reflect this. Only John Havlicek (12), Jayson Tatum (21), Paul Pierce (21) and Larry Bird (47) have more caps with 40 points or more in Boston history than Jaylen Brown (8)tied with Tommy Heinsohn.

With less than 500 games with the green jersey, the Berkeley product has grown to become one of the most decisive offensive players in the entire league. The problem with him continues to be the eyes with which he is looked at and analyzed, that is, focusing on what he does not do instead of what he excels at.

Jaylen Brown’s ceiling is yet to be discovered. In fact, it could even be said that it hasn’t even scratched the surface of what it could be.

With the renewal in the air and the possibility of exploring the market in 2024 Brown may be a key name to watch soon.

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