What Dak Prescott thinks of Ezekiel Elliott’s departure from Dallas Cowboys for the NFL 2023


The Dallas Cowboys cut Ezekiel Elliott for the 2023 NFL season and a sports show recalled what Dak Prescott thought about it.

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Dak Prescott He closes his eyes and when he opens them he still doesn’t believe it. One of the exits Dallas Cowboys What made the most impact for him?the 2023 NFL season was the one of Ezekiel Elliott. The star runner was cut, the quarterback did not hesitate to react and a sports program remembered his words.

The Cowboys reached twelve straight NFL playoff appearances without being able to reach the NFC Championship Game, so Prescott called the Dallas team’s moves in free agency a result that the urgency is on. Cowboys to come and win a Super Bowl.

In the program ‘The Herd (La Manada) con Colin Cowherd’, of Fox Sports, talked about the movements of Dallas Cowboys in the 2023 NFL offseason and when mentioning both the arrivals of Brian Schottenheimer, Ronald Jones II, Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore, as well as the departures of Kellen More, Ezekiel ElliottNoah Brown, Dalton Schultz and Connor McGovern, the words of Dak Prescott they were remembered.

“To have all these guys leaving, so many close friends and good teammates and not win a championship and the urgency was there. Since that has changed, you could blink and my career could be over. The urgency is now. It’s now or never. It’s as simple as that. No sugar to cover it.” argued Prescott on March 16, 2023.

Survey Should the Dallas Cowboys keep Ezekiel Elliott on the team?

Should the Dallas Cowboys keep Ezekiel Elliott on the team?


What Dak Prescott thinks of Ezekiel Elliott’s departure from the Cowboys

Dak Prescott attended the 33rd annual gala of the Children’s Cancer Foundation and when asked about the departure of Ezekiel Elliot, he did not hesitate to express how hard it is and will be to play in the 2023 NFL season without that teammate with whom he entered the league in 2016.

“I am hurt, but it is more important for me to be able to support him. I know he has more opportunities down the road. And I love that boy. Proud of him (…) I really can’t imagine going out on the pitch without him. It’s something that I don’t know if he has already affected me completely. It’s hard, it’s hard. Zeke is a guy who does everything the right way. We had fun, but when it came time to focus, when it came time to focus and give everything he’s got and show the young guys what to do, Zeke was a guy to watch. He was showing how to be a professional and with a smile on his face and enjoying this game and enjoying life. I can’t imagine him without being in the locker room,” Dak Prescott said of Ezekiel Elliott on March 16, 2017 at the 33rd Annual Children’s Cancer Foundation Gala.


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