Villa Mercede Padel Club, Mattioli and the training protocol: “Fundamental warm-up”

Published: Tuesday, 28 February 2023 – Newsroom

FRASCATI – The Villa Mercede Padel Club takes care of the details. To do this, he relied on a first-rate staff led by the technical director Saverio Palmieri and made up of Chiara Pappacena (current number one athlete in Italy) and other top instructors such as Michele Mattioli, Lorenzo Manieri and Nikolas Oss Cech ( in addition to Mauro Zuaro who will deal more closely with the part of federal projects such as “Rackets in the classroom” and “Over 65”). “We have studied a sort of training protocol and all the instructors use a common line – explains Mattioli – Lessons usually last an hour, but we want to instill a culture of warm-up in the people who attend our club. I am a former judo competitor and third dan master, as well as being an athletic trainer, so I know how important an activation phase is before moving on to training on the field or to the match.

Body care is essential to prevent muscle and joint injuries that are always around the corner. In this regard, I have made videos of “examples” of warm-up routines to be carried out both in our gym (available to all those who come to take lessons, ed), and on the pitch: these will be published on our information channels and also “in loop” on the screens that will soon be installed at the edges of the fields.

On the other hand – continues Mattioli – padel is a very dynamic sport, with sudden changes of direction and long moments in which the athlete is in a “squat” position: the legs are subjected to many unusual stresses. The lesson, therefore, is not simply technical-tactical, but during the course of the same (which lasts about an hour and a half at no additional cost, ed) we also go over the basics of the rules of the game, we recommend the correct grip of the racket, let’s talk about the right position in serve or the use of the walls. Only then do we move on to the lesson time which obviously is adapted according to the level and age group of the athlete”.


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