USA hits 9-7 grand slam in comeback win over Venezuela (Video) | World Baseball Classic

[NewTangDynastyBeijingtimeMarch192023]The World Baseball Classic (WBC), the landlord and the defending team, encountered strong resistance from Venezuela in the quarterfinals on the 18th, and was on the verge of elimination with a grand slam If they win the game, they will face Cuba in the semi-finals.

The United States is the champion of the 2017 classic. This year, it has sent the strongest lineup ever to defend the title. All parties are optimistic that it will be the favorite to win the championship. Following their upset loss to Mexico in the preliminaries, the United States met Venezuela in the quarter-finals in Miami today, almost hitting the iron plate, and fell behind 5 to 7 and entered the 8th inning.

Shortstop Turner (Trea Turner) came forward with 8 innings full of bases, hit a grand slam home run to reverse the game, and took a 9-7 lead with one bat, winning the game by this score.

After the top 8 match, all the top 4 of the classic match will be listed. On the 19th, US time, the “U.S.-Cuba War” will be staged. The United States will face Cuba, which defeated the Taiwan team in the preliminaries. Mexico will face Japan on the 20th.

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