UEFA to reimburse Liverpool supporters – Liberation

The European body has announced the reimbursement of all tickets for Liverpool supporters who came to Paris for the last Champions League final, an event marred by numerous incidents.

After the failures, the time for compensation. UEFA will reimburse all tickets for Liverpool supporters for the last Champions League final in Paris, the European body announced in a press release on Tuesday. Organized on May 28 at the Stade de France, the event was marred by numerous incidents which particularly affected Reds fans.

Harshly criticized in mid-February by an independent investigation report, the European organization will pay the Liverpool club its entire allocation, i.e. 19,618 tickets, and will then charge it with organizing reimbursements. “We recognize the negative experiences these supporters have had,” “Thanks to this program, we will compensate those who had bought tickets and who were most affected by the difficulties of access to the stadium”, said Theodore Theodoridis, UEFA General Secretary.

Endless waiting, supporters and families sprayed with tear gas or victims of theft… The law enforcement system during this final, delayed by 37 minutes and won by Real Madrid (1-0), had given rise to scenes of chaos in Saint-Denis, provoking a lively controversy in France and England. The independent investigation commissioned by UEFA concluded that “primary responsibility” of the sports body in these serious incidents, also criticizing the use by the French police of tear gas and pepper sprays.

Above all, this report completely clears the fans of the Reds, initially accused of having arrived late at the stadium and of having massively presented falsified tickets. According to UEFA, Real Madrid fans and other spectators affected by the chaos at the Stade de France will also be able to seek compensation, but on a case-by-case basis.


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