Tirreno Adriatico, moments of chaos during the transition to Ascoli: some cyclists take the wrong direction

LISTENING – Moments of chaos today as the caravan of the Tirreno Adriatico passes through the land of Ascoli: at the height of the locality lu swing about ten cyclists instead…

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LISTENING – Moments of chaos today as the caravan of the Tirreno Adriatico passed through the Ascoli area: at the height of the locality, about ten cyclists instead of turning right towards Folignano and following the outlined route went straight towards San Benedetto. In the video we publish you can see the moment of confusion in which a staff person stands in the middle of the road to block the passage and tells the cyclists to turn right. The direction of travel is resumed and the sportsmen line up with the group to arrive in Abruzzo.

The Ascoli route of the Tirreno Adriatico

The fourth stage of the international cycling race started today from Greccio (in the province of Rieti) and ends in Tortoreto (province of Teramo), crossing the city of Ascoli.

Tomorrow, Friday 10 March there will be a further passage of the tender which will involve the industrial area from Ancarano (roundabout – height of the equipped axis coupling – via Mutilati invalidi del lavoro) to the provincial road for Offida (SP 1-P).
This changeover will take place approximately at 12.45. Therefore, from 11.45 am the traffic will be closed, for the time necessary for the passage of the caravan, along the equipped axis (via Mutilati invalidi del lavoro), as well as on the salaria SR4, in both directions. Any and/or further updates will be communicated in the coming days.

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