They secure a baby jaguar in Jalisco after a complaint by actress Sandra Echeverría – El Sol de México

The actress Sandra Echeverria denounced that a woman was walking a cat through the streets of Tepetitlan de Morelosso the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) assured the copy of black jaguar or Panthera onca.

She was in that municipality in the Altos Sur region of Jalisco, where she was filming a project, and saw a woman enter a greengrocer with the exotic animal they were leading on a leash.

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Through her Twitter account, the singer also shared a video where she denounced the lady who brought the jaguar for a walk.

After its publication on social networks, Profepa in the company of the National Guard carried out an inspection visit to the home where the black jaguar was, where irregularities were observed in the documentation displayed and in compliance with the specifications of the shelter facilities. .

For this reason, the cub was provisionally sheltered in a zoo where it will receive attention and care according to its species, according to the federal agency.

Until now, Profepa has not informed the Attorney General of the Republic of the case so that an investigation folder can be initiated.

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