They attack the Security Commissioner in Santa María de los Ángeles, Jalisco – El Sol de México

Subjects armed attacked with bullets al Security Commissioner of Santa María de los Ángelesin the Northern Region of Jalisco, on the border with Zacatecas.

Preliminary reports indicate that around 01:30 a.m., the head of the municipal police, Miguel Ángel Torres Acuña, and his escort Seuz Campos Ramirez, were traveling along the Huacasco highway to the municipal seat of said town at the height of the hill Mancipo, when they were intercepted by armed individuals in various vehicles, although the number was not specified.

After the attack, both went on their own to the Colotlán hospital to receive medical attention.

The commissioner was injured by splinters and his escort received an impact, so they are stable.

Since last January, the state and federal authorities announced the reinforcement of surveillance with elements of the State Police as well as the National Guard and the Army in the municipalities of the Northern Region of the State, bordering with Zacatecas due to the presence of criminal groups in this area.

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Just on January 18, four young people from Colotlán, a neighboring municipality of Santa María de los Ángeles, were found dead after they disappeared on December 25, 2022, Tepetongo, Zacatecas, bordering Jalisco.

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