The sanction to Pedro Hidalgo: this season and the next without playing

The Competition and Disciplinary Committee of the Inter-island Federation of Soccer de Las Palmas (FIFLP) has decided to resolve the file regarding the events that occurred in the Segunda Aficionado match between the UD Pedro Hidalgo B and the CD Firg played in the José V. Sepúlveda municipal field, and which ended with serious incidents during which the coach of the Firguense team was stabbed. As a precautionary measure, the federal entity had decided to withdraw from the competitions of the capital entity, although later this measure only affected the youth and regional category teams, since the rest of the chain teams now play their matches in the 82 World Cup Jinámar with police presence.

Competition fails now that the sanction against Pedro Hidalgo affects this season and the next. The committee concludes the following: «It is fully proven that the UD Pedro Hidalgo club is protagonist of an unequivocally violent trajectory, and not responsible for a specific, unfortunate or isolated eventtherefore, in order to protect all those people belonging to all the clubs that participate in the competitions organized by the FIFLP, and who attend a football match with the aim of competing with full respect for sporting and civic values essential, without the need to see its integrity endangered, it must agree to the sanction of expulsion from all the competitions in which all its youth and regional teams participate, during the remainder of the current 2022-23 season as well as the next season 2023-2024 in full, as well as the relegation of said teams, so once the previous period has elapsed, if they rejoin the competition, they must do so from the last division of the category in question.

Besides, The capital entity is fined 3,000 euros and its field is closed for one year. The committee also warns that if their teams of the youngest, juvenile, infant and cadet categories “repeat behaviors of the same nature as those that are being analyzed today in the matches in which they participate, said teams will also be expelled from the competition.”



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