the prospect has shown enough in the G League, see you in the Draft!

It’s a repatriation that is less sporty on the basketball planet. After 23 games played this season in the G League, Scoot Henderson is already hanging up the sneakers in anticipation of the next draft. Hey, it’s not our Victor Wembanyama who would do that.

Except big run over the last five games, the Ignite Team will remain in the garage after March 25th. A 10th place in the West is synonymous with early vacation, while qualification for the Playoffs concerns the first six teams in each conference. From an accounting point of view, it’s not dead yet. That would require the team coached by Jason Hart to win its last five games – and the competition to wallow. But the central info of this paper shows us that it is still a bit dead. According to ESPN’s Jonathan Givony, Scoot Henderson has been dropped from the Ignite Team until the end of the season. A live Instagram with a bottle in hand? No, just the security card for the next draft. No need to hurt yourself and lose your second-choice status in the mocks for an end to the season that does not count. Especially since in 23 games against professionals, Scoot Henderson left beautiful images in the heads of observers: 17.8 points at 45% shooting including 33% from the parking lot, 4.9 rebounds, 4.3 assists, 1.6 assist and “only” 2.2 balls lost per game. It’s clean and – given the size – it announces a very great career at the top level. In a world where Mr. Wembanyama has not met Mrs. Wembanyama, we are on a big – very big – first pick.



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