The long night of the Oscars Here are the first statuettes – Cultura & Spettacoli

Alice Rorhwacher’s Pupils without statuette. Despite favorable forecasts for the Italian director’s film, the Oscar for Best Live Action Short went to Tom Berkeley and Ross White’s An Irish Goodbye.

The long night of the Oscars comes alive after the red carpet (actually champagne colored this year) of the stars arriving at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles

Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis for Everything Everywhere All at Once. The best animated film was won by Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio. “Mom I just won an Oscar,” said Ke Huy Quan. “I’m here, on a journey that began on a boat, I spent a year in a refugee camp and I ended up here. They are real stories, it’s not cinema, it’s the true American dream come true”, said the Vietnamese actor who thanked his mother “for all you have done for me”. Among the thanks, always crying bitterly, her wife: “she has always supported me for all these 22 years and said that sooner or later I would have made it”. “Thank you for welcoming me back”, she concluded with the statuette in hand.

Curtis is also moved. “I have 45 seconds and I promised I would be good. I’m not here alone, there are hundreds of people with me – she said – the Daniels, the crew, everyone who made this film, my dream team: we all have won this Oscar. I dedicate the award to my husband, to our daughters, to my sister, to all those who have supported my genre films: we have all won this Oscar. And to my mother and my father, they both have received nominations for different categories”.

The 2023 Oscar for best documentary was won by Navalny directed by Daniel Roher, Odessa Rae, Diane Becker, Melanie Miller and Shane Boris. “Navalny family, thank you for your courage, the world is with you,” said one of the directors as he collected the award, recalling the words of the opposition leader on Putin’s unjust war against Ukraine. “I dedicate my award to you, the world hasn’t forgotten your message, don’t be afraid,” he said. And then he passed the microphone to an excited Yulia Navalnaya, the wife of Alexey Navalny and a point of reference for the Russian opposition. “My husband is in prison only because he wanted to defend democracy. I dream of the day when you will be free and our country will be free. Stay strong, I love you”, she said, thrilling the Dolby Theater audience.


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