That will change from 2023

Further training and license extension (from January 1st, 2023)

The extension of the license for a further four years provides proof of at least 15 teaching units in four years in advance. Please note:

  • at least 8 teaching units should be completed via a trainer training of the BJV.
  • at least 8 teaching units must be completed in a face-to-face format.
  • Dan preparation courses are recognized (according to the advertisement) with 6 teaching units.
  • Training courses for judges and kyu examiners are recognized with 8 teaching units.
  • Further measures of the Bavarian Judo Association (such as summer school, autumn week, etc.) are recognized with a maximum of 15 teaching units according to the advertisement.
  • In the case of external providers, the lecturer should be consulted in advance as to whether crediting is possible.

Here you can apply for your license extension for Trainer C licenses!

Measures in 2023

Die first training dates are already stored in the calendar system and the participation places can also be booked from January 1st, 2023. In March and April there will already be two further training courses with Jochen Heruth on the subject of “Functional Training”, on the last weekend in November Ralf Lippmann will be available for a trainer training course for AB licenses and the DJB will be offering on the second weekend in May (May 13th/14th, 2023 ) a topic training on inclusion.

For the Coach C training In the first half of the year, a DJB training in Cologne is deliberately advertised, and in the second half of the year, the Bavarian training with changing locations on three weekend dates is planned. Due to the declining number of participants, it was decided in September that we would only offer our own training in Bavaria and that we would also strive for cooperation with the DJB.


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