Sumie Sakai wants to conquer Mexico in Tribute to Two Legends

Sumie Sakai She is one of the fighters with the most canvas traveled and will be one of the members in the role of Tribute to Two Legends next Friday March 17 at the Arena Mexico.

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Sumie Sakai debuted in 1997 and He has been characterized by his discipline, perseverance and delivery in the ring.

She is a National Judo Champion. Currently, she is a champion wrestler and trainer of new talent.

“I am very proud and excited to be included in this great event, the last time I was in Mexico was 20 years ago and I only saw the Arena from the outside, I could not enter, today my dream comes true and Being able to return to Mexico fills me with pride“said the Japanese fighter.

“In this tournament, I’m going to do my best, it’s going to be a very good tournament. Definitely, The CMLL Amazons are very good and we will have a great match. I am not here to lose and I am sure that this tournament is for me. Since I was a child I trained judo, I dreamed of being an Olympic champion, but it was difficult due to other factors. It was a different time, but I have participated in judo tournaments and became a champion, just like Mrs. Irma Gonzalezthen I will be the champion of this tournament,” she emphasized.

Regarding the opinion that Irma González deserves, she stressed that, although she does not know much about her, she does know how important she is in wrestling.

I want to see Irma González, honestly I didn’t know much about her, but I know about her career in Japan and this tribute fills me with pridebeing able to go to Mexico and participate in this tribute in honor of this great Mexican fighter,” he said.

Sumie Sakai mentioned that it’s nice to know that the doors have been opened to new talent.

“Being a coach has given me a different perspective, I think about the future, from my debut in 1997 until my arrival in the United States in 2002 I saw a lot of difference, but we have a lot of similarities with the Mexican wrestlers because we fight for great ideals”, concluded the Japan fighter.



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