Sandra Rossi told why River won the final against Boca in Madrid in 2018

General interest

Dr. Sandra Rossi gave a talk at the River SUM and referred to the most important final of all time. She told a key detail that was decisive in achieving eternal glory.

Sandra Rossi with the Copa Libertadores at the Bernabéu.

Marcelo Gallardo revolutionized Argentine soccer. In his eight and a half years at River he managed to be extremely competitive while respecting the club’s historical philosophy and he was also innovative like few others. One of the aspects in which he was a pioneer was giving importance to neuroscience and that is why he had Sandra Rossi on his coaching staff, one of the best in the country in that area.

In the extreme situations that River de Gallardo experienced, the mental aspect was decisive and neuroscience also deals with that, in addition to other areas that have to do directly with the game itself. Sandra Rossi is currently in charge of River’s Neuroscience Department and in a talk she explained a determining aspect for River to beat Boca in the final in Madrid at the Bernabéu.

We used all the tools available to us, but I think the key thing was the sense of team, we were all in the same boat there, we had the shore there and we had to row. Each one of us who lived through that situation grabbed the oar that corresponded to him and rowed. No one gave up in the effort, we were synchronized, it was the longest final in the world. I think I will never experience it again and I am grateful to life for the opportunity to have been in such a situation, it was something historic that marked a milestone and one does not think so much at that moment, you are on another mental level”, affirmed the doctor in neuroscience in a talk he gave at the SUM del Monumental.

The importance of neuroscience

Neuroscience is proving that the body knows before the mind, those bodily sensations that happened, was the compass. Without putting a lot of head on it because we exhausted ourselves along the way. We had to see how we were sailing. The sense of team was key, we didn’t worry much, there was no ego”, concluded Sandra Rossi, who today is in charge of the Neuroscience Department for the entire club.


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