Russell Westbrook exacts revenge on Patrick Beverley for humiliating LeBron James

After the celebration of Patrick Beverley ante LeBron James and make the sign ‘you are very small’Now it was his turn to pay.

Although Beverly ruled out that it was something personal against LeBron Jamesfor his hasty departure from the Lakers, the gesture quickly went viral.

Los Chicago Bulls who beat the Los Angeles Lakers 118-108 in that game; now he had to face an old acquaintance of Beverley: Russell Westbrook and the LA Clippers.

Karma came to him via his former Lakers teammate

But who would have thought that his karma would reach the hands of his former teammate who also left the Lakers.

During a play in the first period, Westbrook y Beverley they were in a heads up; Russ, a player for the Clippers, marked territory and made a basket from the paint, in addition to taking the foul on the now player of the Bulls.

Westbrook’s feasting was his trademark sending Beverley to sleep, rocking him like a baby. The Los Angeles Clippers ended up beating the Chicago Bulls 124-112.


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