Roman Kostomarov’s drama, a new amputation is needed. The conditions of the Olympic medal are worrying

Bad news for Roman Kostomarov, who has been living a nightmare since the beginning of 2023. The former Russian skater, currently in a coma, suffered from bilateral pneumonia and the treatments to recover from the disease caused a generalized infection that affected his body. Doctors had to amputate his feet and some fingers to stop the necrosis. Now, the conditions of the Olympic medalist are worsening again and the doctors are forced to intervene with another amputation.

Although in recent days there has been widespread optimism among doctors, who have reduced the use of drugs thus allowing the Russian champion to wake up from the coma, now the concern is growing. Doctors are monitoring Kostomarov’s limbs and it becomes increasingly likely, according to a source close to his entourage, the amputation of part of his arm: his body, especially his heart, may not be able to withstand such surgery. Day after day, the infection spreads and you risk a stalemate.

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