Roland-Garros 2023: on which channel to watch the matches live?

By Graziella L. Posted Mar 30, 2023 5:21 PM

Roland-Garros 2023, here we go again! If you cannot see the matches on site, this year the broadcast of the tournament matches is shared between the various France Télévisions channels and Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service.

Not everyone will be able to access the matches of Roland-Garros on site, Porte d’Auteuil… But in France, the clay court tennis tournament is broadcast live from May 28, 2023. This year again, France Televisions must share the cake with Amazon Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service, to broadcast the Grand Slam tournament. But how are the matches divided on the two channels?

For simplicity, Prime Video will broadcast all matches played on the short Simonne-Mathieuas well as matches scheduled in “night session“, or evening session. The Roland-Garros matches scheduled for the day can be watched on the channels of France Televisions. Until 2 p.m., you have to tune in either to France 4 or to France 3, before switching to France 2 to follow the afternoon matches.

It is also possible to follow the matches on the various digital media of France TV Sport, from their smartphone, tablet or computer. THE semi-finals and the finales simple women’s and men’s tables will be broadcast by the two services. Change of program in 2024since Amazon will only have the 11 evening sessions, with the poster of the day.

Let’s recap:

  • Singles Women / Men tournament matches, before 2 p.m.: on France 4 or France 5, or on France TV Sport
  • matches of the Women’s / Men’s Singles tournaments, after 2 p.m., until the evening: on France 2 or on France TV Sport
  • evening session matches, on the Simonne-Mathieu court: on Amazon Prime Video
  • semi-finals and finals Men / Women: on France 2 and Amazon Prime Video

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