Queen’s Cup Basketball

03/22/2023 at 1:10 p.m.


The FEB has already put the different tickets on sale to be able to follow the tournament in person

Prices range between 25 and 45 euros to follow the seven games

He Prince Philip Pavilion of Zaragoza will house the Basketball Queen’s Cup 2023. The Aragonese capital will live between the March 30 and April 2 four days of emotion and the best show of the eight best ranked teams during the first round in the Endesa Women’s League.

The magnificent facility, where both the men’s and women’s teams of Casademont Zaragoza, can hold up to 10,700 spectators, a capacity that can bring together a large number of fans to experience one of the best basketball atmospheres of the season.

The Spanish Basketball Federation, organizer of the competition, has ensured that Prince Felipe is a party, and thinking of the public that will travel to Zaragoza, together with the local fans, has established some prices more than interesting to be able to acquire a subscription for the seven matches of the competition.

Thus, the price list ranges from 25 and 45 euros, with an intermediate category of 35 euros. Tickets have been on sale since last December, and the public response has exceeded expectations. So much so that currently only 25 euro season tickets remain for sale that at first the organization had not put it up for sale, and that make you dream of the possibility of reaching a full house in the Aragonese facility.

Where can I get tickets and season tickets for the Copa de la Reina?

For all the fans of the eight participating teams, or who are simply fans and want to witness the Queen’s Cup from Prince Felipe, they can purchase their tickets through the own website from Spanish Basketball Federation.


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