Paolo Goltz made a serious mistake in Argentine soccer

Penalties go and penalties come, but you probably won’t find something similar to the match between Independent of Avellaneda and Colon of Santa Fe, in the appointment valid for date 8 of the Argentine Professional League. Beyond the drama of the match, a play was going to steal all eyes on ‘Planeta Fútbol’.

It turns out that the game was 1-1 until approximately 78 minutes. There was a goal clearance favorable to the visiting team, recognized as the ‘Sabalero’. The goalkeeper was going to clear the ball, but in the end he left it to Paolo Goltz, the defender of Columbus, who grabbed the ball with his hands to accommodate it.

There was a small detail that he forgot: the ball was already in motion, as the goalkeeper made the respective kick and the same happened to him in the game rectangle. Of course, the whole stadium exploded when the play was seen and the referee had not whistled a penalty.

The referee had to receive the call from the VAR to decree the maximum penalty, given that the entire ‘Red’ squad also came over him to claim him. After allthe foul was declared inside the area and was taken advantage of by Matías Giménez, already 80 minutes into the game.

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Not even that was enough to win

After Independiente’s advantage, the game lasted until 100 minutes of competition. At the end, a penalty was whistled in favor of Colón, that striker Ramón Ábila put in the second play.

The match was 2-2, but everything indicates that the result was the least of it. The controversial play is going around the world, and considered by many to be the most incredible in recent football history.


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