not even Casale was saved from memes and jokes

Paulinho, with a double, and Hulk with a great goal, sentenced the elimination of Millionaires in the Cup.

Millionaires lost 3-1 at Mineirao after Paulinho’s double, the great figure of the series, and Hulk, who sealed Mineiro’s classification with a great goal from the Chilean. The discount goal, through Fernando Uribe at the end, was the last sip of the albiazul in the Copa Libertadores 2023.

Those led by Alberto Gamero could not follow in the footsteps of DIM, who defeated Magallanes in his key. Now, Millonarios will have to go fight in South America.

The elimination of the ambassador is viral on social networks and no one is spared from ridicule. Even the journalist Antonio Casale is the protagonist of the memes that were not long in appearing. See them:


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