New York teams, far from successes and championships

Sports in New York are lived in a different way, since it is one of the most important cities in the United States and therefore, New York teams are constantly in the spotlight.

Although they are one of the most popular sports teams, that does not mean that success is completely assuredBecause most teams in New York are mired in failure.

The impressive city of New York – Photo: Getty Images

Yes, there are some like the Yankees that are very winning, teams of legends and more, but that lately the titles have moved away from their showcases in the most popular sports in the United States.

When we refer to the most popular sports, we are talking about hockey, basketball, baseball and American football and New York teams have gotten used to asking for a miracle to see their teams champion.

By telling them, the last major title New York saw came in 2011when the Giants beat Tom Brady’s Patriots and took the Super Bowl to the ‘Big Apple’.

Eli Manning and the Super Bowl title he won with the New York Giants – Photo: Getty Images

The sports crisis that has New York teams sunk in failure


It may not be as popular worldwide, but in the United States it is one of those sports that moves masses and among the citizens of New York, passion is felt at the top.

There are two teams that are from New York and belong to the NHL, the Rangers and Islanders. Unfortunately for both Long ago a Stanley Cup (NHL’s top trophy) Doesn’t make it to NYC.

New York teams aren’t the winningest in the NHL, but They are at the top of the list of maximum champions and that they add many years without lifting a championship.

The New York Islanders – Photo: Getty Images

Rangers won their last Stanley Cup in the 1993-1994 season.almost 20 years ago and the Islanders are worse, because their last championship was in 1982-1983.

What is the current situation of the New York teams in the NHL? The Rangers are in third place in the metropolitan division and the Islanders are in fourth, but at the moment only the Rangers are in postseason position.

Wayne Gretzky, one of the best players in the NHL with the Rangers – Photo: Getty Images


Burst sport is another where New York City hasn’t fared well. The Nets have never won an NBA title, but they do have one of ABA in 1976.

Los Knicks is one of the most important teams in the NBAhas had legendary players, but nothing else fails to reach the maximum triumph, which is the NBA title.

Patrick Ewing, Knicks legend – Photo: Getty Images

The Knicks won their last title in 1973.that is, it has already rained down and honestly, it is one of those sports where it seems quite complicated that they can win a championship.

The current status of these teams is relatively good, both are part of the Eastern Conference of the NBA and the Knicks are fourth and the Nets are fifth; but they are a few games won away from playoff spots.

Neither Kevin Durant managed to help the Nets to be champions – Photo: Getty Images

American Football, New York’s most recent success

In this sport, things get a little better for New York, but not that much. Because the Giants are the last team to give the city a big titlein addition to being one of the most winners in the NFL.

They have four NFL championships and the future looks bright with Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley as star players. In 2022 they were strong again as a teambecause the mediocrity after the 2011 title was latent.

They could fight for the Super Bowl for the 2023 season, the truth is that they have, because they have put together well and the Draft is still missing, so, there are reasons to dream and these Giants could show their faces in New York.

Saquon Barkley, a star of the New York Giants – Photo: Getty Images

Now let’s go with the Jets, they do have to dust off the windows because Joe Namath gave them their only NFL title in Super Bowl III, the one in 1968. After that, nothing, absolutely no victories and they have not returned to fight for a Vince Lombardi.

They hope that the possible signing of Aaron Rodgers is the charm that gets the Jets back to fighting for a championship and to be honest, They have strengthened quite well, the little cherry called A-Rodgers is missing.

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Willow Gardner, one of the players who steals the spotlight with the Jets in the NFL – Photo: Getty Images

But, these two teams are not the only ones from New York, because the Bills also belong to the state. Unfortunately, they can help little in terms of the success of the city.

Well, in the last years of the NFL they are successful, but that thing about winning championships is not given to them at all. In fact, have never won a Vince Lombardi title.

And for a long time, they were known as the Cruz Azul of the NFL, because they got to several Super Bowls, but didn’t win any. Josh Allen is a beacon of hope, but he lacks that quality leap to reach a championship.

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Josh Allen, the hope of the Bills in the NFL – Photo: Getty Images

Baseball, New York’s Big Bet for Success

This is where things change a little bit for New York, because the titles that the Yankees have given to the city are manyalthough it has not given him a championship for a long time.

The ‘Bronx Bombers’ they are the winningest team in the MLB with 27 championshipsalthough since 2009, they have not managed to lift the World Series title.

They are rebuilding the path, because in 2022 the Yankees won the division title, but did not reach the World Series. This 2023, Aaron Judge is the hope of the team to return to champion and kicked off the baseball season on fire.

The Judge, new captain of the New York Yankees – Photo: Getty Images

Bueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeero, this is where all the success of New York almost almost died down in baseball. The Mets have only won two titles and the last since 1986.

Its actuality, the season is starting and looks to have a good campaign. They signed Justin Verlander and they have other great players like Francisco Lindor, Pete Alonso and Max Scherzer.

Justin Verlander, the new big star of the Mets – Photo: Getty Images


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