Nadal: “I don’t know when I’ll play again”

Rafael Nadal has left doubts about his return to competition. The Spaniard confirmed in an act that he does not have a confirmed return date despite the fact that he is registered in the Masters 1000 Monte Carlo.

worrisome words of Rafael Nadal in his latest statements. The Spaniard who a priori was going to return to the circuit in the Monte Carlo Masters 1000 to start the clay tour has left his possible participation in the air. Nadal, in an act at his own Academy, acknowledged that he has no confirmed return date, which has set off alarm bells. Nadal is not having a 2023 single and after that iliopsoas injury at the Australian Open he was hoping to return on the clay tour.

Rafa wants to continue competing and expanding his legacy, but for this he needs to be one hundred percent. Nadal has cast doubt on his presence in the third Masters 1000 of the season, after having to miss the first two due to said injury. It should be mentioned that a few days ago it was the official account of the tournament that confirmed the presence of the former No.1 in the Monegasque championship. Tennis wants to see Rafa Nadal competing and especially with Novak Djokovic, the two players who have a total of 22 Grand Slams and they want to break their tie.

Doubts about the Monte Carlo Masters 1000

«I don’t know when I’ll play again, that’s the truth. I don’t know where this information comes from, but obviously, if it were true I would confirm it, but unfortunately I can’t. I continue my course and I don’t know when I’ll play again, that’s the truth. I am in a phase of increasing work. If I knew when I would be back I would, but I don’t know«.

«We have to go day by day and I will not anticipate something that later I will not be able to fulfill; I’ll say things when I really know. I am in a phase of increasing work«.


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