Millionaires missed the victory in Bogotá: draw against Mineiro

Libertadores Cup

The key will be defined on March 15, in Belo Horizonte.

Millonarios vs Atlético Mineiro
Photo: CEET

Spectacular atmosphere for Millonarios in the Copa Libertadores, as their fans responded for the match against Atlético Mineiro, for the third phase of the competition. Intensity on the part of both clubs, in their styles. The blues, with possession and turning, at times, to the attack, but without that precision to break the Brazilian defensive fence.

Coudet and his coaches interpreted it, playing one touch and playing long, thus making it difficult for Gamero’s team. A one-goal tie at El Campín.

Alberto Gamero arranged his eleventh gala, with the traditional 4-2-3-1, keeping the base in the midfield with Giraldo and Vásquez. On the side of the Brazilians, 4-3-3 that in a defensive role was positioned with the 4-4-2, taking the start on the wings, without pressing. In addition, to have their centrals open, ready to go with the ball on the ground.


Libertadores Cup

Possession of the ball in the first minutes was in the hands of Millonarios, giving it management and making it circulate, looking for spaces on the wings or in the center.

Larry Vásquez tried with a shot on goal, which went wide, at minute 9. Coudet’s approach was evident, mid block, always handling the ball from his goal, in attack, the full-backs approached the defenders opening the field to men like Paulinho, who took advantage of a pass from Patrick. The number 10 finished cross and Montero saved the clear chance of scoring.

At minute 23, Mineiro had a clear goal action, with Dodo’s pass, deep. Hulk gained speed and in heads-ups, he sent the ball over Montero’s goal. At minute 32, Hulk took advantage of the space in the middle of the field and took another shot, which was saved in two times.

Everything began to take shape for Millonarios, in the first half, with a corner kick from Daniel Cataño, taken at the far post. Between the defenders Lemos and Jemerson, who are close to 1.90 meters tall, captain David Macallister Silva arrived, a perfect header and sent it to save, unleashing the euphoric shout of more than 30,000 fans.

For the second half, Gamero decided to remove Elvis Perlaza, because of the yellow he received for refuting an arbitration decision. The first goal approximation in the second half was from the ‘Galo’ with an error by Vargas, in the rejection, which was taken by the Hulk. Right leg shot and Montero controlled in the one-on-one.

Leonardo Castro entered the attack game, with a shot at minute 60, after a good pass from Macallister. Faced with pressure from the rival, he finished off with a left foot and the ball was boxed in by Éverson.

Mineiro’s tie came at minute 65, after a pass from Jemerson, which Paulinho took, ‘bathing’ Montero, silencing the stadium. After the celebration, the forward was reprimanded for celebrating the local fans.

Millonarios lost intensity in the second half, before the possession of Mineiro. At minute 68, Óscar Cortés had a powerful shot from medium distance, which went near the rival goal. Given the drop in attack, Gamero sent Valencia, Pereira and Uribe to the field, taking out Cortés, Giraldo and Castro.

Continuous possession of the blues and on the edge of the area, Cataño took a shot that went very close to Mineiro’s goal, at minute 79. Little on both sides in the commitment shot, with more despair than play. The series will be defined in Belo Horizonte, on March 15, where the Blues will need to win, in the 90s or on penalties, if they want to dream of the group stage.


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