Málaga CF is still without a sports director… 36 days later

Time is short. However, they should not support this reflection too much at Málaga CF when The club has been without a sports director for 36 days. It is not that he has not had a prop man, a marketing manager or a scouting technician for a month. It is that a soccer team -which is also on its way to relegation to the First RFEF- has been without one of its main workers for 36 days when they should have been planning the next season for months.

Everything points, except a miracle, to the Malaga CF will live from the month of June one of the most difficult stages in its history. Not only will the budget be affected by the new reality away from the professional world, sportingly it will be hell and, for the moment, there is no one to set a course for the difficult blue and white future.

Manolo Gaspar, the former sports director resigned on February 1st. Only two days later the arrival of Kike Pérez as the new CEO. Common sense would make us think that the next movement -with some speed- should be the replacement of the former leader from Paleo. However, common sense is missing in Martiricos.

There are countless topics that the next director of “La Cueva” has to touch on: the players who will have freedom if the relegation is consummated, the new squad with less budget, reform of the football area… that is to say, many issues that must be worked on from now on and for which Kike Pérez is, for the moment provisionally.

Almost all the players in the current squad have an exit clause if the Martiricos team is relegated. Many of the players will leave, but maybe a few want to stay to return Málaga CF to professional football as soon as possible. Well, with them it will be necessary to negotiate, almost from now on, to sign a new salary according to the conditions of Primera RFEF that are far from what they now charge.

Once the board knows who stays and who leaves with the first team record, they must attend to the homegrown players. The Academy, to alleviate expenses, should be part of the fat bulk of the squad. You will also have to negotiate with them. And once everything has been more or less clear, the remaining pieces of the team will have to be completed with players, this time, experts in the category, who know what it is like to go through the ‘mud’.

Well, there is no sports director who is carrying out the operations or who is speeding up the conversations. Málaga CF waits and waits, but time, in the middle of March, is already pressing ahead of the next season. There are many accounts that must be redone, a squad that must be almost completely restructured and very few movements that are taking place among the current leaders. Now, which is when life hangs by a thread in Martiricos, there is no one to reorient the future in the face of the disaster that is coming next season.



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