Liverpool Advised to Release 3 Players, Keep Milner


Liverpool advised to release three players. The Reds were instead asked to defend one of their senior pillars, James Milner.

This season, Liverpool slumped. Juergen Klopp’s team has been confirmed without a title.

Some players are considered underperformed. The midfield is in the spotlight, Klopp only gives confidence to those players-that’s all.

Fabinho is in the top three players he has played the most for Liverpool this season. He has recorded 37 fights. The Brazilian player was judged to appear not optimal.

Meanwhile, Naby Keita and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain both didn’t get many chances to play. Keita played 13 times, and Oxlade-Chamberlain played 12 times.

Former Aston Villa player, Gabriel Agbonlahor, believes that the three players will be sold by Liverpool. He emphasized that Milner was still needed by Liverpool in terms of experience and leadership.

“I think his experience and leadership is invaluable, Fabinho has to leave this summer; (Naby) Keita is leaving. (Alex) Oxlade-Chamberlain is leaving. So Liverpool will need a player like Milner, obviously,” Agbonlahor told Sportskeeda.

“Players will come, obviously, but you don’t know what kind of injury problems they will have or if they will adapt right away. Milner is definitely one of the players to keep,” he added.

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