La rivoluzione di Ahman & Hellvig

Here there has always been maximum admiration for anyone who invents something that didn’t exist.

We talk about sport, because this is the theme, but never as in this case is it symbolic: we talk about ideas that took shape in a field of sand and to which we owe the reverence reserved for everything that pertains to progress.

Because when you can’t name something, it means you’re seeing the future

What you can’t define is what they can do together. Taken individually they are called David Ahman e Jonathan Hellvig, are Swedes, born in 2001: the new century, future. They play beach volleyball

They just do it like no one has ever done it before. That is, others, sometimes, an action once in a while, they tried. They have raised the show to revolution and systemic revolution.

Against David and Jonathan you either hit very well, or they receive accurate enough to put her high and in the center. And the one assigned to the second touch always jumps.

If you, in front of them, decide to jump to the block, the second touch Swede raises and the other throws down a saracca to zero (without block). If you don’t jump, hit the one with the second touch, they don’t give a damn if the ball comes from behind.

Needless to say what can happen on any type of free-ball

I’m a nightmare”, Phil Dalhausser said about them, that is, one for a dozen years was the best bricklayer on all the beaches in the world.

Last year they won the European Championship. This year they started the season like this at Elite16 in Tepic, Mexico: in the final against Anders Mol and Christian Sorum, Norwegians (final of a Scandinavian-derby world tournament, cheers to the Americans and Brazilians).

Mol-Sorum are reigning world and Olympic champions, until 2022 they had won 4 European championships in a row.

Then came the revolution

Which, of course, is not one of those things that everyone can do. You have to receive from God, know how to attack bell towers, even if they are a little sloppy. Then Hellvig, even if he is “just” 1.92, walls like a master builder. And Ahman (1.89) moves along the net as if the sand were taraflex, even more, faster.

The people on the beach look a little astonished, as you always do when someone arrives to take away your security and turn your world upside down.


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