Kyrie Irving on Dallas Mavericks’ playoff hopes: ‘Everything seems chaotic’

As we approach the end of the 2022-2023 season of the NBA, Dallas Mavericks it’s not where i expected it to be in the box Playoffs of the Western Conference.

After falling in the Western Conference Finals last year, the expectations that Dallas would manage to overcome that were real and reached the NBA Finals for the first time with Luka Doncic. The All-Star signing was supposed to Kyrie Irving would be the missing piece to achieve it.

Instead, it has been the complete opposite. On Wednesday, the Mavericks lost to the Philadelphia 76ers, adding their fifth loss in the last six games. Since he acquired Irving, Dallas has gone 7-9 in 16 games with Kyrie.

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Today Mavericks are 37-40, one game behind Oklahoma City Thunder in the dispute for the last place in the Play-In tournament.

Yes, you read it right. Doncic, Irving and the Mavericks would miss the playoffs if the season ended today.

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After the loss to Philadelphia, Irving gave a lengthy answer when asked about Dallas’ playoff hopes and what it’s been like to be traded midseason for the first time in his career.

“It’s human nature. I am transferred to a new work environment and there are many new features. I’m trying to introduce myself to everyone, find out who the guys on the team go to trust off the pitch. Who are our coaches? Who are the managers? What do they expect from me? The big question, why did they sign me? And, you know, what does the future look like?”Irving told the media, according to ESPN’s Tim Bontemps.

“Just with where we are in the season, and how other teams are positioned already, everything seems really chaotic to be honest with you“.

“We’re 37-40, and we’re trying to fight to get into the Play-In game. It’s not the expectations that I think any of us had in the locker room.“.

Will the Dallas Mavericks be out of the Playoffs?

As things are, the Mavericks would be the first team out of the Playoffsone game behind the Thunder for the 10th place with five games remaining in the Regular Season.

The fight for the Western Conference Play-In
Pos. Equipment Record % wins leader diff
7. Timberwolves 39-38 .506 13
8. Lakers 38-38 .500 13.5
9. Pelicans 38-38 .500 13.5
10. Thunder 38-39 .494 14
11. Mavericks 37-40 .481 15
12. Jazz 36-40 .474 15.5

Since the Mavericks they have already lost the tiebreaker with the Thunderthey would have to finish one game ahead of Oklahoma City to qualify for the Play-In.

Dallas tied their Regular Season series with the Pelicans, meaning the tiebreaker with them would come down to the division record. New Orleans (10-5) has one more win than the Mavericks (9-7) in that section.

Dallas has tiebreaker advantage over Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazzbut the Timberwolves rule in the tiebreaker against the Mavericks.

According to FiveThirtyEight’s playoff prediction model, the Mavericks have just a 19% chance of reaching the Playoffs.

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