Kudelka returned to the charge and responded to Demichelis again

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The Lanús coach gave a press conference and referred to the verbal exchange he had with the River coach.

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The last game in the Professional League at the Lanús stadium ended in a mess, both because of what happened during the game and also off the field. Beyond the sparks that occurred as a result of the arbitration controversies and the interventions of the VAR, there was crossfire in the post-match statements. Martín Demichelis accused the local club of cutting off the air conditioning and targeted Frank Darío Kudelka, who did not go to greet him before the match. The verbal dispute continued during the week with the response of the garnet DT in a television medium.

With the passing of the hours and with the lowest foam, the Biggest coach referred to Kudelka’s statements after the victory against Racing de Córdoba for the Argentine Cup and took the opportunity to apologize to the southern club, the mayor and the coach. In addition, he stated that the next time they meet in a match he will give them a hug. A bit of cold cloth to a discussion that did not escape the hot climate of the game.

This Thursday at noon Frank Darío Kudelka gave a press conference and responded to Demichelis again: “I didn’t hear what Martin said, but we all got it right and we all got it wrong. If he apologized, he is very good. For my part, what Demichelis has said is highly valued and respected. They are beautiful things, it is good to agree when there is a previous disagreement. This is life. I’m going to give him another hug (laughs). Nothing happens, we relax and that’s it”, indicated the DT. End of the controversy.


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