Jalisco women: historical in sport

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Being a woman is synonymous with daily struggle, making a constant effort to open the way in different professional fields and in the sports field is no exception. In Jalisco there are many stories of women who dared to go against social limitations and earned a place in the sportbeing at the same time an inspiration so that little by little the list of athletes continues adding.

In 1932, it was the first time that two Mexican women managed to qualify for the Olympic Games from a contingent of 75 representatives, one of them was María Uribe Jasso from Guadalajara, who reached the final of the javelin throw.

It was not until Mexico 1968, when the number of women increased considerably to 42, of them, Esperanza Girón in athletics, as well as Rogelia Romo and Patricia Nava in volleyball, are from Jalisco.

Regarding the male-female ratio, the most equitable edition occurred in Beijing 2008 when 43 males and 42 females attended, of which 6 belong to the entity: the athlete Gabriela Medina, Mariana Cifuentes of artistic swimming, the divers Jashia Luna and Laura Sánchez and the first pentathlete Marlene Sánchez; The same discipline in which years later Mariana Arceo would win the first women’s gold at the Pan American Games and the first world championship in the women’s relay along with Mayan Oliver.

While current history continues to be written with names like Dafne Navarro, who in Tokyo 2020 became the first springboard gymnast, the same fair in which Jane Valencia rose as the first gladiator.

And breaking all the schemes, Alejandra Orozco is the only state Olympic medalist to win silver in synchronized diving in London 2012 and bronze in Tokyo 2020.

While Mónica Rodríguez record holder and Paralympic champion in Tokyo; and Lenia Ruvalcaba with gold in Rio 2016, silver in Beijing 2008 and bronze in Tokyo 2020 in judo for the blind and visually impaired; They are two of the representatives who continue to make history in adapted sports.

Jalisco recently writes in gold letters the first UFC champion, Alexa Grasso, without forgetting the trajectory of Lorena Ochoa who for 158 weeks remained at the top of the world of Golf.

They are some of the athletes who, from the women’s branch, have put the name of Jalisco and Mexico on high.


los angeles 1932
Maria Uribe Jasso (Athletics)
Tokio 1964
Esperanza Girón Olivares (Athletics)
Mexico 1968
Esperanza Girón Olivares (Athletics)
Rogelia Romo (Volleyball)
Patricia Nava (Volleyball)
los angeles 1984
Sara Guido (Swimming)
seoul 1988
Sandra Tavares (Athletics)
Claudia Lorena Hernandez (Tennis)
Calgary 1988 (Winters)
Diana Encinas Evans (Skating)
Sydney 2000
Jashia Luna (Diving)
Athens 2004
Jashia Luna (Diving)
Brenda Magaña (Artistic Gymnastics)
Mayra González (Athletics)
Beijing 2008
Gabriela Medina (Athletics)
Mariana Cifuentes (Artistic Swimming)
Jashia Luna (Diving)
Laura Sánchez (Diving)
Marlene Sánchez (Modern Pentathlon)
Fabiola Corona (Triathlon)
Lenia Ruvalcaba (Blind and visually impaired Judo)
Gloria Sánchez (para-athletics)
Patricia Romana Rodríguez Velázquez (wheelchair basketball)
Floralia Estrada (wheelchair basketball)
London 2012
Alejandra Orozco (Diving)
Arantxa Chávez (Diving)
Patricia Castañeda (Swimming)
Lizeth Rueda (Open Water)
Claudia Rivas (Triathlon)
Nuria Diosdado (Artistic Swimming)
Alejandra Zavala (Sports Shooting)
Lenia Ruvalcaba (Blind and visually impaired Judo)
Haidee Viviana Aceves (Para-swimming)
Fátima del Rocío Pérez (para-swimming)
Floralia Estrada (wheelchair basketball)
Wendy García Amador (wheelchair basketball)
Maria Guadalupe Hernandez (wheelchair basketball)
Río 2016
Melany Hernandez (Diving)
Alejandra Orozco (Diving)
Nataly Michel (Fencing)
Nuria Diosdado (Artistic Swimming)
Edna Carrillo (Judo)
Alejandra Zavala (Sports Shooting)
Claudia Rivas (Triathlon)
Cecilia Pérez (Triathlon)
Lenia Ruvalcaba (Blind and visually impaired Judo) GOLD
Mónica Rodríguez (para-athletics)
Haidee Viviana Aceves Pérez (para-swimming)
Valeria Monserrat López Gómez (para-swimming)
María de Jesús Delgadillo Monsiváis (para-swimming)
Tokio 2020
Alejandra Orozco (Diving) BRONZE
Paola Morán (athletics)
Úrsula Patricia Sánchez (Athletics)
Jane Valencia (Wrestling)
Nuria Diosdado (Artistic Swimming)
Dafne Navarro (Trampoline gymnastics)
Alejandra Ramírez (Sports Shooting)
Claudia Rivas (Triathlon)
Cecilia Pérez (Triathlon)
Mariana Arceo (Modern Pentathlon)
Elena Oetling (Vela)
60 classified by Mexico (31 men / 29 women)
6 Jalisco women: 20%
Mónica Rodríguez (para-athletics) GOLD and RECORD
Lenia Ruvalcaba (Blind and partially sighted Judo) BRONZE
Haidee Viviana Aceves (Para-swimming)
Luz Kerena López (Para-swimming)
Karina Amayrani Hernández (Para-swimming)
Mayra Alejandra Hernández (Para-powerlifting)



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