Inzaghi between referees and criticisms, Juve returns but Vlahovic…Leao: change the strategy?

Inzaghi against the referee, everyone against Inzaghi

L’Inter lose the derby d’Italia against the enemies of all time, despite a San Siro dressed up the troop of Simone Inzaghi fails to inflate the network. The 0-1 suffered by the Nerazzurri requires important reflections, the coach still ends up on the grill, now more than ever. Inzaghi he takes it out on the referee for that double handball from which the action of the Juventus advantage starts, but the play expressed by his team is an argument that sends Simone straight in front of the criticism desk.

Is Simone Inzaghi likely to be sacked by Inter at the end of the season?

The people of Inter faith expected a different game, the defeat weighs on the morale of theInterwho now also has to watch his back in the qualifying orbit for theEurope that matters. Inzaghi’s lifesaver is called Champions Leaguebut hoping to be able to win the Cup and save the bench, in the current state of things seems almost utopian, at least seeing the latest performance of his team.

Juve is back, but Vlahovic…

The Juventus Of Max Allegri wins perhaps the most important match of the year, fourth place is still a mirage but point after point the Old lady she gnaws at the ground and begins to make her opponents feel her breath down her neck. Classic victory, with a short face as Max’s admirers would say. The three points are worth double and Juve return to Torino with full pockets.

Can Vlahovic leave at the end of the season?

Can Vlahovic leave at the end of the season?

Those who have not yet fully entered the gear of the team are Vlahovicanother rather colorless game of the number 9 that he would also have a couple of opportunities to hurt theInter, but the attacker always kicks with little conviction and doesn’t seem very convinced. The only drawback also remains one of the long-standing market doubts, because the ex Fiorentina she is courted by several clubs of Premier League and Juve could get back the expense they met when they convinced the player and tie up Firenze. The management ponders whether to give the player more time, or give in to English flattery.

Milan: Leao plans change?

Il Milan collapses in that of Udine. L’Udinese of Sottil sells the leather dearly and presses its foot on the accelerator, leaving no way out for the team of Stefano PioliIbra is not enough and Lion he hides, playing almost as a winger on the wing. The Rossoneri’s defense could perhaps need a dusting off, but even the midline doesn’t shine with its own light. And while the ex Kessie decides the epic challenge between Barcelona e Real Madridthe Rossoneri are projected into the future by thinking about the market, not without regrets.

Leao-Milan: ultimatum in January

Leao-Milan: ultimatum in January

Lion is a distant relative of the one admired last season, the Portuguese is no longer able to keep the opposing defenses apprehensive, that’s why the market soap opera could at this point turn in favor of the Milan, which in case of unmissable offers could think of falling into temptation and giving in to the player. To the Milan useful money is needed to invest to flesh out a squad, which from what has been seen in recent weeks needs to be strengthened almost everywhere.



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