“In the middle of the field?”

A Ruth She likes to play golf and listen to Stool, but she doesn’t consider herself a posh girl, yes, “I’m not a neighborhood choni either”. She has come with heart earrings because she is very ready to find love. She is looking for someone to have a good time with after having been single for more than a year and having a relationship for 8 years.

Elsa Duck has gone looking for Diego, his date. A young man whose mission in life is to have a family and live in peace, without having problems making ends meet. Seeing Ruth has left him impressed, the restaurant has taken him aback and it has taken him a while to focus on her date. The two have discovered that they are from Madrid, she is an occupational therapist in a residence and he coordinates the delivery of vehicles at a dealership.

He has felt that she had good person face and she has been clear that he was a partier and he thought “Wow, to survive the date”.

Already at the table, the singles have talked about their past relationships and Diego has told him that he had been single for 3 years, time that he has used to get to know himself, which is why he was impressed that Ruth had only been single for a year.

Regarding the party, Ruth told him that she liked to go out, but that she didn’t go out every weekend. She has felt that Diego had a party face and she has not hesitated to tell him, but he has told her that it was not what she likes the most. The bachelor has a very special relationship with his friends of a lifetime and has explained to him that he tends to get overwhelmed quickly and that he needs to have his space.

Ruth wanted to be clear and told her that she was “an intense” of life and that if he wants to do something, he does it and does not think about the consequences, but he has not cared because “I like intense ones”.

Singles have dared with the Scratch of Love and it seemed super easy to answer the question “Would you be in an open relationship?”. Of course, when they have talked about threesomes, they have been clear that “never say never” and Diego was hallucinated to learn that his date had had sex on a soccer field “In the middle of the field?”but she has explained to him that it was in a small room, not in the center of the field.

The riskiest thing he has done sexually has been in a shrub, but if he has to fulfill some of his partner’s sexual fantasies, he lends himself to whatever. At the time of the final decision, the two were clear that they wanted to continue getting to know each other and let themselves go.



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