in the car knife and baseball bat

A Garden of Atellacenter in the province of Caserta,  i carabinieri of the local station reported a sixteen year old from the province of Napoliheld responsible for resisting a public official and port of weapons or objects intended to offend.
The military intercepted the young man in via Vanvitelli aboard the car in use, who at the invitation to pull over and stop accelerated suddenly, trying to escape.

The result was a chase that lasted as far as the nearby center of Frattaminor when the carabinieri, adopting all possible safety maneuvers, forced the minor to stop.
The immediate personal and vehicular search made it possible to find a knife switchblade and a wooden baseball bat, later seized. At the same time, numerous infringements of the Highway Code were contested, such as circulation without being in possession of a driving licence, circulation with a vehicle without compulsory insurance coverage and imprudent assignment of the vehicle.
The car was subjected to seizure and administrative detention.


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