Iga Swiatek, rib problems explain Rybakina defeat

Few domains are remembered as overwhelming as that of Every Swiatek in recent times, but the magic of sport is that a remedy against the impregnable always appears. In this case, it is called Elena Rybakina and has proven its effectiveness in the last two major tournaments. After unloading the Polish woman in Melbourne, there was great interest in seeing what she was capable of in the WTA 1000 Indian Wells 2023 and the forcefulness of his triumph has been surprising for everyone. For this reason, at a press conference, Iga wanted to make it clear that it was not at 100% of its possibilities, trivializing the impact of such a forceful result and generating a trace of doubt about the extent to which Rybakina can question her empire on the circuit. .

Explanation of your discomfort in a rib

“Obviously I’m sad to have lost, but the balance of this tournament is very positive for me. I assume that against Elena I have to play much better, but today I was not 100% because I dealt with some rib problems. I’m going to talk to the doctor right now. I’m not used to playing with pain or injuries, I have to undergo several tests to determine what it is. Honestly, it has not been easy for me to stay focused with discomfort, I’m not used to it. I think that The last time I competed with pain was at Roland Garros 2019 and the level of demand was not the same”, warns a woman who intends to go to the Miami Open 2023, but is awaiting medical tests.

Power in the blows of Rybakina and Sabalenka

They are his two great opponents and both structure their game based on a great serve and very powerful shots from the backcourt, always looking for the winning shot. “I cannot say if Elena will be my black beast or if it will be difficult for me to beat her. A few years ago I played against her and it went well, with Sabalenka I have also played good matches. I feel that I can play great tennis against this type of opponent, but I am also aware that I have room to improve as a tennis player. The last two clashes with Rybakina have not been positive, but I will learn from them,” said the Polish.

What do you spend your free time on?

“What I do during tournaments to isolate myself and keep calm is to read a lot. Here I tried to have fun with Lego constructions and the truth is that it has gone very well for me. When I am not competing I also try to focus on my business, it is a part that I want to cultivate in a parallel way, doing positive things for the society of my country. I am in talks with IMG to find out how things are going and see if I can expand my ideas internationally,” acknowledged one Every Swiatek that he will seek to redeem himself in Florida, in case he can compete.


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