“I got turned on”, Robert Pirès recounts his delicate experience as a consultant on M6 at Euro 2021

Present at the comments of the matches of the French team at Euro 2021 on M6, Robert Pirès had drawn many criticisms from viewers. In an interview with Puremedias, the 1998 world champion looks back on this rather painful experience.

At the start of summer 2021, he had not really succeeded in beefing up his game. Hired by M6 as a consultant to comment on the matches of the French team during the last Euro, Robert Pirès had drawn criticism many viewers, the latter criticizing him for his lack of analysis but also for a flat and sometimes boring style.

In an interview with the Puremedias site, the 1998 world champion returned to this experience which, by his own admission, “did not go very well”. “I got turned on,” laments the former Arsenal, OM and Villarreal player.

“I took the full mouth of it”

“I was perhaps not prepared enough for this exercise. Perhaps also because it concerned the France team. I knew most of the players and Didier Deschamps. For me, it was difficult to criticize. anyway, I don’t like criticism. I’m not in that nature. I’m more comfortable on the set to analyze matches and comment on actions and goals.”

Robert Pirès also believes that viewers “just expect that” (criticism) from a commentator. “That’s why I got so pissed off. But it doesn’t matter, when I was a player, I was criticized too. It doesn’t bother me, it’s part of the game.”

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