Horror scenes. Suddenly Aguero grabbed his heart. Football was immediately interrupted

Sergio Aguero retired from football in 2021. Then, as a FC Barcelona player, during one of the league matches, he felt a twinge in his chest, which was caused by a heart arrhythmia. The Argentinian hung up his shoes after the incident for the sake of his health. He is currently a football influencer broadcasting on Twitch.

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It got serious. Aguero suddenly grabbed his heart during the broadcast

It was during one of them that the horror scene took place. At one point, the former footballer suddenly grabbed his heart and signaled that he needed a break. Ibai asked Aguero if he was okay and offered to call an ambulance. The Argentinian thanked and explained that he had just experienced a small heart arrhythmia, and added that his chip (which controls the work of the heart) will notify medics if the heart accelerates significantly. Moments later, the gentlemen ended the transmission.

On March 30, the Argentine posted a short video on his social media in which he reassured worried fans, saying that he was feeling fine and had consulted a doctor who said that everything was under control.

“Hi everyone, just letting you know I’m fine.” Don’t worry, the doctor told me that I did experience a slight arrhythmia, but it was so minor that it’s nothing serious,” Aguero told fans.

Sergio Aguero is best known as a Manchester City player. It was there that the Argentine spent most of his career, appearing in the blue jersey for a decade from 2011 to 2021. During his time at Manchester, he managed to win as many as five league titles, six English League Cups and one FA Cup. In the 2014/15 season, he managed to win the title of top scorer in the Premier League.

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In 2021, his contract with Manchester came to an end, and FC Barcelona applied for Aguero as a free player. Unfortunately, the Argentine striker did not spend much time in Spain. After playing three games in La Liga, scoring one goal, it was time for a game against Deportivo Alaves during which a terrible incident occurred.

The Argentinian, at one point after jumping to the ball, suddenly grabbed his heart and asked the referee to stop the game. Medical help rushed onto the pitch and helped Aguero off the pitch. As it turned out after the tests, the attacker suffers from cardiac arrhythmia.

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After finishing his career, Aguero fulfills himself in a new role – this time as a streamer. His Twitch channel is watched by as many as 4.7 million users, and his broadcasts reach a large number of views. Ibai, who visited the former footballer on the last stream, is also a big figure in the Spanish internet. His streams are so good that he was the first to be interviewed by Leo Messi right after his presentation at PSG. Of course, all live for thousands of fans on the Twitch platform.


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