His speech at halftime, he thinks of Benguché and says that the result does not reflect the difference between clubs in Honduras and Mexico


Very cautious but with a joy that he could not hide, that’s how he appeared at a press conference Peter Trogliotechnician of Olimpia after his team’s 4-1 thrashing of Atlas.

The Argentine strategist, who has lived a dream at the Olympics, made clear the points of the match in which the Honduran club prevailed with total authority over the Aztec.

Troglio affirms that the result is not a reflection of the difference between Honduras y Mexicoalso gave his point of view on the soccer uprising of Jorge Benguche.


The fans supported more than they could: “People made us feel like they believed in us, we felt like we could compete and we’ve shown that we can compete. I am cautious because it is not that we face anyone, we face a great team where today we were able to neutralize it and football is a new story every weekend and as a visitor we have to live up to all the people of Atlas. We have to be prudent and in prudence and humility the victories are more beautiful and the blows are less painful “

Pictured the result: “I don’t think there is such a difference between a Honduran team and a Mexican team, but we have been demonstrating for a long time that we are here to play at a certain level and that we can do it and that we always believed that we could compete, I think we have transmitted that to the people.

But, I repeat, I am cautious in the first 90 minutes but grateful to the people who accompanied us. We had a very high second half and in the first we lost a lot of balls and we gave them the chance to what they do best, which is to have it. In the second half we took it away from them and we attacked well and made fewer mistakes and a great game came out”.

There is a before and after in Olympia after his arrival: “I think that we have always prepared ourselves to compete at an international level, but it is clear that the economic and structural difference is very big, but by training well the part of plays and training we can do it at a high level if the players accept it and prepare to go compete at that level.

I thought that well trained and tactically standing we can compete with any league, but that has to be put into practice and it has to come out”

His halftime speech: “We had to play the game that we started to play, we were clear about what spaces there would be, but we had to make little mistakes because when we lost the ball they caught us leaving and they have good players and we didn’t have to lose the ball and in the second half we made mistakes bit”.

Performance by Jorge Benguche: “Jorge is only 26 years old, he is a baby. What happens is that when you go abroad, the Honduran player first cries and waits for him for a few months. As I said recently, customs are different, you have to adapt, these players need trust and affection like everyone else, but no one is a foreigner. can wait for you

Knowing the Honduran player, he would hold. In this team there are players who are going to make a leap and can play in any league. I hope it stays a while longer, that we prepare it more and that it continues at this level”.

Can you be excited that Olimpia can reach the Club World Cup?: “I don’t want to sound pedantic because this is football and today it is very difficult, very fast, complicated. Perhaps I can tell you, with another rival, that we have obtained a great result with an important difference, but it is a Mexican club with great players that recently emerged as two-time champion.

I’m a 40-something in this and I’m cautious. People have trusted this team for four years and believe that this team can fight. I said it before the competition ‘I think we are here to compete’.

I don’t know where we’ll get to, the quarterfinals, semifinals, I don’t know, but the issue is to compete and stop Honduran soccer, but it costs a lot but what the players have done was very good. For me it was good what you players did, we don’t have anything left over, we have to kill each other again on Tuesday ”.

The keys to success: “What we had talked about came out perfect. Atlas is a team that attacks with a lot of people and in the loss there are possibilities and spaces to play. The idea was not to shoot long balls and losing it meant defending again, and in fact, in the first half before the penalty kick, we couldn’t accommodate ourselves to 100, because we had some arrivals but we didn’t have the forcefulness that was required”.


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