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The qualification for the EM 2024 is currently running in Europe. Of the 24 teams that will then be there, only one is known so far Germany as host. It is also clear in which ten cities and stadiums the game will be played. For fans, however, there are strange changes.

New stadium names for the EM 2024.

What’s behind it? Some stadiums bear the names of advertising partners. However, they are not the same as those from Uefa. The result: the letters on the facade or the roof are removed, and the words are exchanged for internationally known terms. That’s what they should be called.

BVB Stadium Dortmund

In the league it’s the “Signal-Iduna-Park”, for the European Championship it’s the BVB Stadium Dortmund. Why? Borussia is known far beyond national borders with BVB, so the club name was integrated into the stadium name for 2024.

Photo: picture alliance / blickwinkel/H. blousey

Cologne Stadium

The “Rhein-Energie-Stadion” in Cologne, which is well known to fans, will become the Cologne Stadium. One reason: in the other European countries there is no umlaut “ö”, which is why Cologne becomes the English Cologne.

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Foto: picture alliance / Neundorf/Kirchner-Media

Munich Football Arena

The “Allianz Arena” will become the Munich Football Stadium in 2024. Here, too, the umlaut “ü” is exchanged for an “u”, the English city name is used. The 2021 European Championship was played here in the similar-sounding “Football Arena Munich”.

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The “Merkur-Spiel-Arena” becomes the Düsseldorf Arena. Curious: Unlike in Cologne or Munich, the umlaut is retained here.

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Olympic Stadium Berlin

The name of the stadium in Berlin remains the same.

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Photo: City-Press GmbH

Frankfurt Arena

The arena in Frankfurt was already called “Frankfurt Arena” at the 2006 World Cup. The name is still known to many fans, which is why the game will be played there again in 2024 instead of in the “Deutsche Bank Park”.

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Arena AufSchalke

The thousands of fans at Schalke already include followers from Belgium and the Netherlands. This shows: Like rival Dortmund, royal blue is internationally known, which is why it carries the club name in the stadium name instead of “Veltins Arena” for the EM 2024.

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Volkspark Stadium Hamburg

The game is already being played in the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg. In 2024, however, it will be given the city name Hamburg for better recognition.

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Leipzig Stadium

Instead of in the Red Bull Arena, the European Championship will be played in the Leipzig Stadium.

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Stuttgart Arena

Normally it is the Mercedes-Benz Arena, but between June 14 and July 14, 2024 the VfB stadium will be called “Stuttgart Arena”.

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