Elementary students visit the High Performance Center in Ensenada – AGP Deportes

Ensenada, Baja California.- In the facilities of the High Performance Center of the city of Ensenada, last Saturday, the Coordination of Physical Culture of INDE BC held an informative meeting with parents and students of the Elementary School “General Federico Chapoy ” to make them aware of the different programs in which girls and boys can participate.

“The intention is that they know the sports talent development centers and the different sports disciplines in which girls and boys can participate and develop for free,” said the coordinator of Physical Culture in Ensenada, Marisol Núñez Romero.

All of the above is the second stage of the detection and linking of talents that INDE BC carried out in the aforementioned elementary school thanks to the “Movimiento por Baja” program, where around 300 fourth, fifth and sixth grade students were activated.

“With the Movement for Baja program we have the possibility of activating thousands of girls and boys from the different schools of Ensenada and at the same time inviting students to join the ranks of the representative teams of INDEBC”, pointed out Marisol Núñez .

The attendees received an informative talk and physical activation to later tour the facilities of the Ensenada High Performance Center, learning about the different sports disciplines that are practiced there.

Some of the sports currently receiving youth at CAR Ensenada are badminton, judo, fencing, boxing, wrestling, cycling, and speed skating.


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