El Mago Pop acquires a theater in the United States

03/20/2023 at 11:15 p.m.


The artist Antonio Díaz, who already bought the Victoria four years ago, embarks on the American dream in a big way and will debut on Broadway in August with ‘Nothing is impossible’

El Mago Pop, alias of Antonio Díaz (Badia del Vallès, Barcelona, ​​1986) will finally head to Broadway. His plans to act on Broadway where the big shows have landed will come true. Magic? Years of work and effort have made it possible for Antonio Díaz to make a big landing in the US. And not just in the heart of Broadway.

Beyond brand new ‘Nothing is impossible’ this august in the emblematic Ethel Barrymore Theater with the English version of the show that has triumphed at the Teatre Victoria in Barcelona, ​​Díaz has acquired a theater in Branson, Missouri, of 2,800 cabins. “He has more than double that of Victoria”, she has admitted, aware of the challenge of acting there. He calculates to be able to premiere his first show in May of next year. “He needed a base as a center of operations in the US”, has admitted this magician who has shown to have a good eye for business and dreams of catching millions of Americans with his magic.

“It was impossible to imagine this when we were just a technician and I 10 years ago and I didn’t even have to pay him”

Diaz, yeah surprised four years ago with the acquisition of the Victoria Theater in the Paral.lel and now, backed by the 2.8 million viewers achieved, he launches his new American adventure. He claims to have no financial partners to back him up. This lone ranger of magic, yes, trusts the huge team that supports him. Without him it would be impossible to carry out his shows and continue to grow artistically. The title of his last show ‘Nothing is impossible’ is his mantra. “I don’t have any financial partner. Nobody. In 2013, 10 years ago, I didn’t even have enough to pay the show technician. We went to the Mostra d’Igualada to get gigs”, he recalled. Today everyone knows him. According to your company’s calculations ‘Nothing is impossible’ has filled the Palau Sant Jordi the equivalent of 200 times. “It was impossible to imagine this when it was just me and a coach 10 years ago.”

Since he was born in a humble home in Badia del Vallès (Barcelona), Díaz has never stopped dreaming. His plan to perform in New York was scheduled for the summer of 2020 but the covid prevented it. Now, more prepared and ambitious than ever, he will plant himself in the US in a big way.

Las tickets for his Broadway show are now on sale an internet.

He will travel to Broadway with about twenty people from the technical team. “It hasn’t been easy because in the US the artists’ union forces us to hire people from the country. Although we don’t go as many as I wanted, getting 20 people to go there is very good,” she celebrates.

strategic enclave

Branson (Missouri) where it will have its theater in the USA, the Branson Magic Thater, is a strategic enclave for the American expansion planned by the Barcelona illusionist. The place has become a popular tourist destination. The city has 57,000 theater seats, more than Broadway. “It is a large convention and congress center. It is six hours from 150 million people and has many leisure attractions,” says Díaz.

Although it is in good condition, the theater will need renovations. “It’s fantastic but we need to customize it because we like details. But there will be a lot of details because there are a lot of square meters!”. It will stop there this summer to adapt its show to the measurements of the stage of the Ethel Barrymore Theatre, a historic Broadway theater where great stars such as Marlon Brando, Katherine Hepburn, Deborah Kerr y Sigourney Weaver. Few European artists have worked on Broadway but in that theater the iconic mime achieved it Marcel Marceau. And now comes the turn of Pop magician, admirer of David Copperfield, famous North American magician who triumphed on Broadway and all over the planet.

“We have to keep working if we want to be there but we have to enjoy it, something that has taken me many years to understand”

enjoy the way

In this unstoppable trajectory towards success, the ambitious illusionist He confesses that he has learned not only to improve himself in each show but also to enjoy life. “What has happened to us is extraordinary. We are super grateful and super committed. We have to keep working if we want to be there but we have to enjoy it, something that has taken me many years to understand. It’s very good to give everything but you have to toast and savor the good moments like going to Broadway, which is very strong!”.

And surely it will surprise us with more things. In the press conference she has talked about tours in the US and television programs. But she will not stop being present in Barcelona. At the moment this August will be five weeks on broadway and then will recover the show in Victoria until Christmas. Acting regularly on both sides of the Atlantic is his plan. His alliance with the airline Level will allow him to make this dream possible without going bankrupt.


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