“Dye or shave your hair”

Abel has been featured in ‘First Dates’ like a bachelor who flirted a lot for his talk, but who was now in low hours. He has been single for more than a year because he has decided not to look for anything and whatever comes up. He is looking for a girl who enters his eyes, who is tall and who shares some of her hobbies, plays soccer and likes to go on motorcycle routes.

Sara, her date, has presented herself as a girl who does not go out without her foundation and mascara, feels prettier with makeup and doesn’t care what people think about it. At this time in her life, she is looking for a person who complements her and brings her positive things “transmits security and confidence to me, who gives me happiness.”

Sara and Abel during their date in ‘First Dates’

I was expecting a dark boy and he didn’t like Abel’s hair very much, but in general he seemed like an attractive boy. He has also had a similar feeling, but they have begun to get to know each other with nerves and a lot of desire. They are both from Barcelona and he has told her that he had left the world of the night and that he was happy being a car painter.

The bachelor wanted to know if Sara liked motorcycles and she told him that she was beginning to try them, but that they gave her a little respect. What she did like to know is that he had worked on many things and was a little handyman.

Knowing that Abel was very nervous, Sara was scared because she is too and they could be a bit of a bomb together, but he told her that he didn’t have to. Regarding her previous relationships, Abel told her that he had a very good relationship with her ex, that they went out together at carnival and that they were co-workers. A detail that Sara did not like at all because, although she is working on it, she is a person with many insecurities and considers herself jealous.

Sara and Abel during their date in 'First Dates'

Sara and Abel during their date in ‘First Dates’

Before reaching the final decision, Sara wanted to know what her date had thought and knowing that the first impression had been very good, she confessed that she was expecting a dark-haired boy and that she wasYou didn’t like your hair color too much. He has told her that he was actually dark and that a few months ago he decided to put his hair white.

Abel has listened to his father and has invited Sara to dinner “I am a gentleman”, but in reality he wanted her to buy him a drink or coffee afterward. She has said yes to a second date, but He has asked him for one thing “Yes, dye yourself or shave it off”. The bachelor was very surprised, but it was clear to him that he was going to shave his head to continue getting to know Sara.



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