Dramatic moment in Spanish football: a player suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed in the middle of the game

Dragiša Gudelj fell on the grass after 11 minutes of the match between Córdoba and Racing de Ferrol

Moments of tension were experienced on matchday 29 of the First RFEFthe third division of Spanish football, when the player of the Córdoba, Dragisa Gudeljsuffered cardiac arrest and collapsed on the pitch 10 minutes into the match against Iron Racing.

The result of the key match for promotion was in the background after an attractive start, which included goals from Fran Manzanara for the visit and Willy in the host. The dramatic images took over the scene for ten minutes. The ball was moving over the left flank when the central defender suddenly fell meters from own area. A few seconds later, the referee Miguel Sesma Espinosa stopped the actions at the precise moment that a rival and the line judge closest to the place requested medical attention.

The brother of Nemanja Gudeljcentral steering wheel Sevilla in the highest category, he was subjected to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by the specialists in charge of the matter until the ambulance entered the lawn of the The Archangel Stadium.

The secrecy about his state of health prevailed in Andalusia until a gesture from the player himself raised the applause of the more than 10,000 spectators in the redoubt. Before being loaded into the vehicle prepared for transfer to the Reina Sofia Hospital, Gudelj he tried to get up on the stretcher several times. Visibly stunned, he made various gestures that calmed the fans, who were beginning to think of the worst case scenario.

Dragiša Gudelj remains in the Intensive Cuidados Unit

These reactions conveyed calm, but the football aspect was an impossible issue to return to. Both teams agreed to suspend the engagement, a determination endorsed by the main referee. Minutes later, one of the official voices arrived to clarify what had happened. “He is stable, has suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest and is going to remain, logically, hospitalized”, narrated the CEO of Córdoba, Javier Gonzalez Calvo.

It should be noted that this condition refers to cardiac arrest. This diagnosis is clearly different from a heart attack, since the latter occurs when the flow of blood to the heart is blocked, while in the first case this organ stops beating unexpectedly. The immediate actions of those present saved the life of the defender, who was confined in the Intensive care unit (ICU), but he is already conscious. In addition, they will practice complementary studies.

“From Córdoba, we want to thank the rapid action of our medical services (doctors José Miguel Bretones, Antonio Escribano and Martín Luna), our physios Álex Rueda and Fran Plaza, as well as doctor Verónica Arroyo and cardiologist José María Segura. Thank you for saving our Dragi”, was the message from the European squad. And he showed cordiality with his opponent: “Equally, we appreciate the understanding and availability of the entire Racing de Ferrol staff.”

On the football level, this commitment was one of the highlights of the date, since this club came in sixth place with 47 points in Group 1. On the other hand, its rival was second within the same area with 52 points and this confrontation was part of the fight to go up to the next category.

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