Carlos Alcaraz’s team does not set limits: “At 25 years old he could have won 7 or 8 Grand Slams”

Carlos Alcaraz was born to mark an era. The stellar irruption of the Murcian in the world of tennis has meant a blow of fresh air for a sport that looked to the future with uncertainty in the face of the natural blackout of the big3 historywhich Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic refuse to consider dead in the last blows of their long and successful careers.

And it is that these two aliens have rope left to continue making history, but Carlos Alcarazat barely 19 years old, has already thrown the responsibility of load world tenniscapturing number one for the second time in his short career and being the top favorite along with Nadal and Djokovic to win the Grand Slam.

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In an interview with The Times, the work team of Carlos Alcaraz, who from the shadows have helped the Spaniard to rise as a world figure, has reflected on the magnitude of the ‘Carlitos phenomenon’, which from a very young age was already aiming for the highest.

“Since he came to the academy when he was 15 years old, It was clear to me that whenever I was on the court I was going to do something that I would never have seen in my life.. I installed cameras on all tracks, I knew that this boy was special and I did not want to miss any of his progression. He thought differently from the rest of the players his age.”pointed out Antonio Martínez-Cascales, founder of the academy where Alcaraz trains and was trained and former coach of Juan Carlos Ferrero.

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Precisely Ferrero, who has imitated the path that he followed with his coach in his day, expressed the responsibility to face the challenge of taking Alcaraz to the elite.

“I saw him play for the first time when he was 14 years old and I felt something special. Our link beyond tennis, assuming the role of coach when he was only 15 years old it was a big challenge for me. I wanted to develop a young tennis player from the base to the elite, just like Antonio did with me.”

He went from boy to man, he just needed experience.”

“When the complicated moments You can clearly see in the face of each tennis player the way they face them. There are some who want to flee, others lose concentration, blame external factors for their poor level. Carlos lives for this type of situation, he grows and brings out the best in himselfadded Samuel López, Pablo Carreño’s coach and Alcaraz’s regular training partner.

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Despite his great tennis qualities, the difficulty of dealing with pressure and expectations, mainly after lifting the title at the US Open and achieving world number one, he passed bill to an Alcaraz who knew how to lean on his team so as not to lose focus.

“It’s difficult to find a balance in that aspect. He is a boy who always pays attention, but after the US Open there were things that he did not do well. Juan Carlos is very strict and knows how to control Carlitos perfectly. The moment he crosses the line, he’s there to make him see it.”.

All this process has placed Carlitos in a unique position as a relay of the Big3 and from his team they do not put limits on the Spanish to mark his own history.

By the time I’m 25, I think I could have won seven or eight Grand Slams.. From there, we can already think about other challenges”said Antonio Martínez-Cascales.

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