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The World Baseball Classic (WBC) has finally started. Samurai Japan Japan National Team will finally have their first match tonight.

From the first round to the final, all matches of 20 countries can be viewed from Japan. This time, we will introduce the theme songs of each station that liven up the broadcast of the tournament and the highlights of each station.

TBS:Journey「Separate Ways」

The theme song of TBS, which broadcasts the first match against China, the second match against South Korea and the semi-finals of Pool B, is “Separate Ways” by the legendary rock band Journey. The song that is too familiar as the TBS terrestrial baseball theme song will liven up the first game that holds the fate. Ana Masatoshi Nanba, who has changed jobs from NHK to TBS to comment on WBC. I am also looking forward to the gorgeous guests unique to terrestrial broadcasting.

TV Asahi: Tomoyasu Hotei “Battle Without Honor or Humanity”

TV Asahi will broadcast Pool B Round 3 against the Czech Republic, Round 4 against Australia, the quarterfinals, and the final. The theme song is “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” by Tomoyasu Hotei. TV Asahi will also use the theme song of the station’s baseball broadcast as it is, and we expect a stable broadcast with the commentators of Furuta and Matsuzaka without using many special guests.

J SPORTS: Fuji Fabric “Miracle Revolution No.9”

The theme song of J SPORTS, which will broadcast the games other than the Japan match and the final, is “Miracle Revolution No.9” by Fujifabric. If you like baseball, J SPORTS is the most indebted during the WBC period. It’s a paid channel and the price is fairly high, but it’s recommended because you can watch the matches of each country that you can’t usually see, and the live commentary and commentary are calm and you can immerse yourself in the match.

Prime Video:MAN WITH A MISSION「Freak It! ft. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra」

Prime Video, commonly known as Amapura, will broadcast all the matches against Japan live. The WBC theme song is MAN WITH A MISSION “Freak It! ft. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra”. Former Hanshin Chunichi player Kosuke Fukudome’s appearance song will be a familiar song that will liven up the match. In the send-off and warm-up games before the main game, the net was quite excited with the pros and cons of the program side, but in the first match against China, baseball legend Sadaharu Oh appeared as a commentary. I can’t wait to see what the public reaction will be like.

SAMURAI JAPAN representative from Japan to challenge with the strongest lineup. Let’s support together on TV and smartphones to see which country will advance to the final on March 22nd.

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